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Trimming Trees in Louisville, Kentucky

Yard with Trees - tree trimming Louisville, KY

Tree Trimming Services in Louisville, Kentucky

Spruce Up Your Yard

Trimming can be a tricky task, but it can do so much for the health, productivity, and look of your trees. Let us enhance and restore your tree canopies.

Reasons for Pruning

There are many reasons to prune your trees. While appearance is one of the main reasons, proper trimming can improve tree health and safety as well. We offer the following tree trimming services to keep your trees in tip-top shape.

Tree Shaping

Artistry and tree growth knowledge form the backbone of our trimming team. Based on the species, age, sun exposure, and other characteristics of your tree, we will take a different approach to each tree we trim so the outcome is beautiful. Shaping your tree is important to tree health. By thinning the dense canopy, you increase airflow and sunlight penetration to the branches you want to get stronger. Taking out dead branches protects trees from diseases.

Crown Restoration

Did your tree get a bad branch trimming? Crown restoration is a restorative type of trimming that fixes improperly trimmed trees. If done incorrectly, tree shaping can stunt branch growth and ruin the shape of the tree. If that has happened to your tree, there is still hope.
First, our arborists make “topping cuts” so your tree will shoot out a few new branches. As those branches grow, we will choose the strongest limbs to recover the crown of your tree.

Branch Structure Pruning

We’ve all seen the mess of branches and tree limbs left on the ground after a storm. Though trees are made of strong stuff, sometimes they break or grow in a way that will cause problems later.
To the trained eye, specific branches are more structurally promising than others. Like pets, a careful guiding hand can train trees to behave. Our arborists promote correct growth in promising branches and remove problem branches with structural pruning. Over the years, you’ll see how your trees benefit from corrections that were made early on.

Decorative Pruning

We can make your trees healthy and beautiful with decorative pruning. Most trimmings take years to make a difference in your yard, but decorative pruning is intended to have an immediate effect on the look of your yard and trees. Our arborists let their artistry manifest on your trees in accordance with your desired style.


When it is time to cut back on the branches, call the T’s Trees team to see what we can do for you.