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Tree and Stump Removal in Louisville, Kentucky

Dangerous Tree Removals Performed in Louisville, KY

Tree Removal

Maybe you’ve seen trees taken down in cartoons. The characters saw a tree for a few seconds, and then someone’s cry of “Timber!” is followed by a huge crash. That is one way to take down a tree, but it is dangerous. The safe and technical process we use to remove trees at T’s Trees requires extensive training but is a much better course of action.
Dangerous tree removal of a tree stump in Louisville, KY

Controlling the Fall

When we bring down a tree, we can estimate where and the velocity with which a tree will fall. We adjust our cuts and process accordingly. Our most important job is controlling the fall of the branches and trunk to protect the buildings, people, pets, and cars below.
Tree Stump Removal in Louisville, KY

Why Remove Trees?

Trees are worthwhile investments – they add to the beauty and value of your property – but they are also a liability. Branches can grow into power lines or they can break off in a storm. Sometimes trees get diseases, which can spread to other trees. Other times they’re just in the way of new construction you are planning. When it’s time to get rid of a tree, T’s Trees is your best choice for tree removal services.

Stump Removal

Even though trees sometimes come down on their own, stumps are another story. The base of a tree is intended to hold the tall, skinny trunk upright in the face of storms and even tornadoes. Their stabilizing strength makes taking out a stump a difficult task.

Call for an Estimate

Do you have an unsightly stump in your yard? Does it cause problems when you’re mowing the lawn? It’s time to get rid of it, roots and all. We have the equipment that makes grinding down your stump a cinch. Call for an estimate for your stump.

Preserve Your Landscaping

When it is time to remove a stump or tree, call the expert tree removers at T’s Trees. We will safely take trees down and clean up the areas where they used to be. We also offer emergency services. If a tree comes down or you think it is about to, call us right away to get it down safely.