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Storm Cleanup and Emergency Service in Louisville, Kentucky

storm cleanup

Helpful Caretakers

Your trees are like teenagers – no matter how well you care for them, you can’t always protect them from what happens outside your home. Storms and the wear and tear of years outside can damage your yard, but our team is ready to help you take care of things when damage does occur.

Storm Cleanup

Kentucky is tornado country. We are no strangers to the damage storms can bring. Even without a vortex of spinning air, a normal storm can do some damage. If you need storm cleanup assistance in Louisville, Kentucky, we’re here for you.

Twigs to Trunks

Damage can be big or small. When you ask us to take down a tree, we bring it down and clean up all of the pieces. When the wind and rain rip through the treetops, they can dislodge leaves and twigs, or they can bring down an entire tree. We’ll be there to clean up all the pieces a storm leaves behind.

Emergency Tree Service

Our experienced arborists are just a phone call away. We are experienced with all emergency situations relating to trees and are prepared to handle hazardous and storm-damaged trees 24 hours a day. Call our emergency phone number to get in touch so we can get on our way to handle your situation.

Containing Damage

When a strong, swing-bearing tree branch splinters off, that is a tragedy itself. However, broken branches can lead to more problems. If they have yet to fall, the slightest wind or change in pressure could bring that branch down onto your house or your head. The best course of action in a tree emergency is to call T’s Trees. We get in and handle the situation quickly to contain the damage.