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Professional Lot and Land Clearing in Louisville, Kentucky

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Start With a Clean Slate

Making room for your new project can be a challenge. The acres of overgrown bushes and tangled branches standing in your way seem daunting, but the professional land-clearing experts will open things right up for you.

Forestry Clearing

We at T’s Trees are your trusted tree experts in Louisville. If you are looking to clear a forested lot, you want an experienced team of arborists. Trees take time to bring down, but because our background is in tree services, we can do the job quicker than other land-clearing contractors can.
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Land Clearing

From tree services, it was not hard to expand our services to include land clearing – we already had the equipment and know-how from cleaning up after our tree removals and trimming. Our team is happy to clear your land and prep it for whatever is taking its place.
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Big jobs demand big tools. We have a small fleet of machines to tackle your job. Depending on the foliage on your land, we use a variety of handheld power tools and large construction machinery to get the job done.

Safety and Certification

Safety for you and the members of our team is always the priority – that is why we require vigorous training for our team. T’s Trees is also fully insured for even more protection. You can trust that your job will be cleanly and carefully executed when you choose T’s Trees for professional lot and land clearing.