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Crane Services for Trees in Louisville, Kentucky

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Reaching the Tree Tops

As your needs get loftier and loftier, we reach and exceed them with our crane services. No job is too big for T’s Trees. Our experience with large jobs and technical rigging puts us in the best position to tackle whatever issues may arise for which you would need a crane.

Crane Uses

While arborists have been taking care of trees without cranes for centuries, new technology has made the task run smoother.

Safety and Precision

By using cranes to remove trees, to take down hanging branches, or even to put up Christmas lights, we can complete jobs with greater precision and safety. In cases where we are maneuvering in small spaces, working around power lines, or lifting fallen branches off structures, we need the added stability and height of a crane.

Highest Professionalism at the Lowest Cost

Whether we’re pruning or removing, we are committed to providing you with excellent service. At T’s Trees, our arborists are trained extensively before joining our team and have years of experience on the job. We’re ready to handle the job you need to get done
Because we own all of our equipment, we offer great pricing on all of our services. Call today to schedule an appointment for us to come get the job done.